The Northern Realms

Bandit Battle in Easy Copper Mine

The morning after arriving in Still Fall, the party awakened to find that the charismatic Halfling, Phrenx, had mysteriously disappeared. Obliging to continue in their venture, the remaining party members—Thedoran, Dudmund, Liffy, Spencer, and Nurok—headed out to Easy Copper Mine to root out the bandits hiding there. On the road, they met three mysterious men who were acting awfully suspicious. After being terrified out of their wits by one of Thedoran’s illusion spells, they ran off, presumably to warn the rest of the bandits that company was on the way. Aided by Liffy’s sure-footedness, the party made it up the mountain to the mine. After sneaking in the back entrance, they found themselves engaged in a fight with several speckly ginger bandits, as well as one archer and a Bandit Boss that were exceedingly difficult to kill. Once the bandits were vanquished, the party found several interesting clues—a map of the areas with “x’s” marked near cemetery sites, a cryptic letter sealed with violet wax, and a cache of fresh corpses in the bandit hideout. Once back at the tavern, Thedoran discovered that his friend, the Pelorian abbot Hamar Keltibrook had come through town, a drunken Dudmund urged the townspeople to set their defensive wall on fire, and the artistic Spencer carved a geometric wolf sculpture in the center of town for the people of Still Fall to remember them by.



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