The Northern Realms

The Road to Still Fall

Our intrepid adventurers—Spencer, Phranx, Dudmund, Nurok, and Thedoran—have been on the road for several fortnights with the merchant caravan of the prickly Master Goft. All have been hired on as bodyguards, healers, or other helpful positions. After sharing a comforting pot of tea, the caravan came under attack by a group of unusually aggressive bandits. After the bulk of them were defeated, three bandits retreated to tell the tale of the battle. As the caravan moved from the pass where they were attacked, Liffi noticed that shadows came out of the mountainside and dragged the bodies away. At a tavern in Still Fall, the party spoke to Master Goft and the arl of Still Fall, agreeing to look into the bandit situation at first light.



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