The Northern Realms

The Battle of Goop

Following the strange clues, the party headed from the burnt-down inn, continuing North. A young girl, Diane, who had been rescued from the parasitic red vine, accompanied the party. She and Liffi seemed to hit it off, and were well on the way to becoming the best of friends. Moving through a grove of trees, the party encountered a group of squishy undead battling an exhausted party of dwarves. Much to the chagrin of the adventuring party, these particular undead were especially fond of slinging balls of black goop as a means of attack. Additionally, Thedoran seemed to have gotten into Gud’s supply of spirits, as he was drunk, falling down, and of very little help. In spite of these turmoils, the party was eventually victorious over the Good-Slingers. A few of the dwarves survived, including the Dwarven prince, who Gud recognized. The prince and his surviving retainers agreed to accompany the party to the Dwarven capital of Haldstadt.



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