The Northern Realms

The Battle of Goop

Following the strange clues, the party headed from the burnt-down inn, continuing North. A young girl, Diane, who had been rescued from the parasitic red vine, accompanied the party. She and Liffi seemed to hit it off, and were well on the way to becoming the best of friends. Moving through a grove of trees, the party encountered a group of squishy undead battling an exhausted party of dwarves. Much to the chagrin of the adventuring party, these particular undead were especially fond of slinging balls of black goop as a means of attack. Additionally, Thedoran seemed to have gotten into Gud’s supply of spirits, as he was drunk, falling down, and of very little help. In spite of these turmoils, the party was eventually victorious over the Good-Slingers. A few of the dwarves survived, including the Dwarven prince, who Gud recognized. The prince and his surviving retainers agreed to accompany the party to the Dwarven capital of Haldstadt.

Shadows Amongst the Trees


Our adventurers—Gudmund, Thedoran, Liffi, and Nurok, departed from Still Fall the next morning. Their clues—several scrolls, a letter sealed in violet wax, and a map with cemeteries marked in red ink, had the entire party on edge. While traveling with the caravan, young Liffi noticed some tracks heading into the woods. Curious and eager to gain more clues, the party followed the tracks into the snowy forest. They eventually followed the erratic, human-like tracks into a cave, where they found a frozen dead end with no one there but a corpse. In this corpse, the party noticed red veins facing the wrong way.

Upon joining the caravan, Nurok pointed out the smeary smell of smoldering smoke. Indeed, the scent pervaded the air for miles. Sadly, the smell was coming from the ashes of the old Feldir Inn. Though many had perished in the fire, a young groundskeeper named Apperbell Komvu had taken charge as best he could. After the noble healer Nurok tended to the woundd, Apperbell shared the alarming story. The previous night, shambling shapes had moved out of the wood, seemingly desperate to get inside the inn’s walls. In the ensuing struggle, the inn had set to fire and many, including poor Old Man Feldir, had met their ends. Apperbell also noted sighting a mysterious, red-eyed woman standing on a will outside town. A local young girl had also gone missing with no trace. Upon inspecting the ruins, the party came upon a thorny plant similar in appearance to the strange veins they had earlier found running through the dead man’s body.

That night, Gudmund and Thedoran stood watch over the uneasy camp. An eerie calm had settled over the snow-covered plain, and throughout the night, the sleepers stirred. Just past midnight, Apperbell ran to Thedoran, shouting that he had just seen Old Man Feldir moving clumsily amongst the trees.

And the Drow’s theory was confirmed. Their visitors were the dead.

The camp was roused. Liffi’s sharp eyes peered through the darkness, making sure that any enemy kept their distance. Gudmund roused the camp’s able-bodied into a vigilant fighting state. Nurok and Thedoran went through the camp comforting the terrified survivors and caravaneers, even prickly Master Brimble Gofft. After what seemed a freezing eternity, watching the shifting shadows amongst the trees, dawn finally came.

As the caravan left the site of their grim vigil, Thedoran noticed a body lying partially submerged in a frozen river. Upon extracting it, he found the little girl that Apperbell had mentioned—still alive.

The Dark Elf brought the poor child immediately to Nurok. Gudmund stood guard as Liffi watched over the girl, who was close to her own age. Upon further examination, the healer found—to everyone’s horror—that a crop of the same wicked red vine had been planted in the girl’s hand. Panicking, Thedoran declared the hand must needs come off, but Nurok bid the standers by leave the area, and was able to extract the parasite without damaging the girl’s person. After a long night of terror, the good news was a welcome balm.

A dark power is at work in the Northern Realms. Now, the company moves forward to the Dwarven city of Holdstadt, where hopefully they will find have, rest, and above all, more clues.

Bandit Battle in Easy Copper Mine

The morning after arriving in Still Fall, the party awakened to find that the charismatic Halfling, Phrenx, had mysteriously disappeared. Obliging to continue in their venture, the remaining party members—Thedoran, Dudmund, Liffy, Spencer, and Nurok—headed out to Easy Copper Mine to root out the bandits hiding there. On the road, they met three mysterious men who were acting awfully suspicious. After being terrified out of their wits by one of Thedoran’s illusion spells, they ran off, presumably to warn the rest of the bandits that company was on the way. Aided by Liffy’s sure-footedness, the party made it up the mountain to the mine. After sneaking in the back entrance, they found themselves engaged in a fight with several speckly ginger bandits, as well as one archer and a Bandit Boss that were exceedingly difficult to kill. Once the bandits were vanquished, the party found several interesting clues—a map of the areas with “x’s” marked near cemetery sites, a cryptic letter sealed with violet wax, and a cache of fresh corpses in the bandit hideout. Once back at the tavern, Thedoran discovered that his friend, the Pelorian abbot Hamar Keltibrook had come through town, a drunken Dudmund urged the townspeople to set their defensive wall on fire, and the artistic Spencer carved a geometric wolf sculpture in the center of town for the people of Still Fall to remember them by.

The Road to Still Fall

Our intrepid adventurers—Spencer, Phranx, Dudmund, Nurok, and Thedoran—have been on the road for several fortnights with the merchant caravan of the prickly Master Goft. All have been hired on as bodyguards, healers, or other helpful positions. After sharing a comforting pot of tea, the caravan came under attack by a group of unusually aggressive bandits. After the bulk of them were defeated, three bandits retreated to tell the tale of the battle. As the caravan moved from the pass where they were attacked, Liffi noticed that shadows came out of the mountainside and dragged the bodies away. At a tavern in Still Fall, the party spoke to Master Goft and the arl of Still Fall, agreeing to look into the bandit situation at first light.

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